Butterflies of Cyprus_cover

Lepidoptera Publications

Adrian M. Riley

Brambleby Books


ISBN: 9781908241764

Reviewed by Richard Harrington

For a lepidopterist holidaying in Europe, it’s always useful to have a handy little guide to the local butterflies to complement the full European tome that is best left at the hotel. Whilst Adrian Riley credits more chunky volumes describing the butterflies of Cyprus, his is the only one that can be classed as a ‘pocket guide’. Cyprus boasts only 49 species, these including the magnificent Two-tailed Pasha (Charaxes jasius), three endemic species and five endemic subspecies one of which, the Levantine Leopard (Apharitis acamas subspecies cypriaca) appears to have been named by Adrian himself. The species are arranged systematically and for each there are photographs (both sexes where these differ markedly) and notes on distribution, habitat, foodplant and flight period, together with identification tips. There is a checklist at the back and some pages on which notes can be written. Were I ever to visit Cyprus, this book would be an essential companion. And at £9.99, it’s cheaper than a brandy sour!