Cover of Magnificent, Marvellous Minibeasts
Cover of Magnificent, Marvellous Minibeasts

Outreach & science communication Teaching & education

Denise Popat

Austin Macauley Publishers


ISBN: 9781398401648

Peter Smithers

Antenna has reviewed a number of insect-based stories for children, all of which have presented a narrative that informed the reader of the important role that insects play and encouraged an appreciation of them. This book is slightly different, as it uses minibeasts as a vehicle to introduce children to a broader appreciation and understanding of the world around them.

Designed to stimulate the senses, the stories have been written to help teachers of children with special needs, but while this was their initial focus these stories will stimulate any child that hears them. Each offers opportunities for the
storyteller to involve the children in experiencing various elements of the story and also to physically take part in the action. The stories have threads of compassion and the importance of helping others running through them.

The biology within these stories is sometimes a little hazy, but the overall effect is to encourage an appreciation of the natural world in general, and minibeasts in particular. For anyone with a theatrical leaning these offer a platform to vamp them up and generate real excitement.At a time when changing public attitudes to the natural world are vital,
this book has a serious part to play.

Cover of Magnificent, Marvellous Minibeasts