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Chelsea 2023: Guide to Tom Massey’s Royal Entomological Society Garden | Gardens Illustrated

Chelsea 2023 Designer Profile: Tom Massey – The English Garden

Chelsea flower show gardens to rebrand weeds as ‘hero’ plants | Chelsea flower show | The Guardian

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What’s new for RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023 / RHS Gardening

Inside Hampshire: Dr Luke Tilley at Hampshire nursery Hortus Loci talks about the RES garden. It’s about showing people how they’re important to insects in the choices that they make
Inside Hampshire: Mark Straver and Tom Massey at Hampshire nursery Hortus Loci talks about the Royal Entomological Society garden

Apple Podcast: Great conversation between Tom and Gardens Illustrated editor Stephanie Mahon

BBC Radio 4 – Costing the Earth, Save the Microbes, highlighting Tom Massey’s show garden at RHS Chelsea this year. The issue of soil health is starting to make the mainstream media and we no longer have to wait for the technology to catch up. We hope that the more we can get people talking about and recognising the importance of soil health to ecosystems around the world and the future of farming, the protection of it will become part of the climate change agenda.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023: Tickets, dates and line up | LondonWorld

The Royal Entomological Society Garden RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023 by garden designer Tom Massey – Shoot (

Mirror EXCLUSIVE: Chelsea Flower Show’s special garden to tempt bees into a pollination frenzy

Chelsea flower show garden inspires additions to pollinator-friendly plant list | Insects | The Guardian The RES Garden has inspired the RHS – Royal Horticultural Society to add more plants to their “plants for pollinators” list – a great step towards encouraging more insect diversity in gardens across the country.

Tygodnik Powszechny, a Polish Roman Catholic weekly magazine, featuring an article on RHS Chelsea Flower Show

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