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New in 2024 these grants support research projects in entomology. Small projects can be awarded up to £3,000.

We support projects with a focus on insect science. Other objectives to the work i.e public engagement, economics, policy work etc must be integrated into the entomological and scientific goals of the project. For projects specifically relating to outreach and improving quality, diversity and inclusion we offer grants through our Goodman Fund, Student Outreach Fund and EDI Grants.


These grants aim to support work of the highest publishable and international standard. Applicants will need to show how the project will advance our understanding of insect science as a standalone study which is not a component of a larger project, programme or grant.

These grants are open to RES members around the world (excluding Associate Members). Applications are welcomed from entomologists regardless of their career stage but we encourage applications from students and early career researchers in particular, to help establish their research careers in insect science.

Small Project grants can be used for new and innovative insect research, including applying an established methodology to a understudied insect species or a new methodology to a well-studied species.

These grants aim to focus on insect species anywhere in the world. Other terrestrial and freshwater arthropods will be considered but insects will be prioritised during each round of funding.

To Apply

There are two forms to submit towards your application: the Small Project Grants Application Form (linked below) and the EDI form. Both are required to support your application.

Please complete and submit our EDI form along with the above form for the primary investigator before proceeding with your application.

Applicants can only submit one grant application at a time, across all RES grants.


(We apologise for the delay launching these awards in 2024. The timeline has been revised below)

There will be two application periods in 2024:

First round will open 9th May until 31st July 2024

Second round will be 1st August until 31st October 2024

We aim to notify all applicants within two months of the application closing dates.


  • Must be a RES Fellow, Member or Student Member (excluding Associate Member) – visit our Membership Pages to find the level of membership that best suits you.
  • Small Project Grants are awarded to individuals, not organisations.
  • There are no restrictions on where applicants are based and where they propose to conduct the research.
  • Applicants cannot use a Small Project Grant to fund a component of a wider study or research programme that is already funded. We understand that there may be additional contributors to the project, but the project must be standalone with its own aims, demonstrating an advancement of insect science.
  • Projects that form part of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree or existing fellowship will not be considered. However, funding for PhD or DPhil students who only have their salary or stipend covered will be considered. This information should be clearly provided in the application.
  • Applications to take part in an expedition will not be considered. However, applications for a standalone research project which takes place during an expedition will be considered.
  • Applicants are responsible for obtaining all relevant permissions and securing the permits required to complete the research proposed.
  • Projects can take place anywhere in the world and if taking place outside the country where the researcher is based, they must demonstrate collaboration with organisations, local agencies, NGOs and/or communities within the country where the project is taking place.
  • This grant will not fund attendance at a conference. Visit our Grants and Awards pages for dedicated Conference Participation Grants.
  • This grant will not fund publication costs. Visit our Journals pages for information about publishing in RES Journals.
  • Grants will be awarded one at a time to each applicant and no more than two grants during any five year period will be awarded.
  • Failure to submit a timely and satisfactory report within three months of the end of the project will lead to disqualification to apply for other and future RES grants.
  • Applications for projects previously rejected will be rejected again without review.

Guidelines and Supporting Information

  • Successful applications can be awarded up to £3,000
  • Reasonable travel costs will be supported. All costs must be clearly justified within the application.
  • Funding is available for the employment of assistance restricted to the duration of the project which conforms to the UK national minimum wage.
  • The purchase of equipment that is essential to the project proposed will be considered up to the value of £1,000
  • Living costs and subsistence will be considered where this is essential to the project. All costs must be clearly justified within the application.

Funding is not available for:

  • Overheads
  • To supplement the salary of the applicant
  • To cover tuition, course fees or scholarships
  • For total equipment costs over £1,000

RES contribution must be acknowledged in any publication or publicity that may arise from the project and we should be notified about any publication or publicity that arises.

Each application requires a letter supporting the project proposed and a personal statement from a current or recent employer / supervisor / line manager (two references)

The letter of support should be from a host organisation of the proposed research. If the applicant is an undergraduate or postgraduate student or has been awarded a fellowship, the letter of support should confirm that the proposed project is not part of their degree or existing projects.

The two referees will be contacted during the application process using the contact information provided to collect their personal statement / letter of support. We cannot accept references submitted by the applicant.

RES Data Protection Policy

Thank you for your interest in our grants.

Please ensure you have also completed the Awards & Grants EDI Form and all other steps of the application process.  

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