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Conference Participation (CPF) description

Grants awarded up to £500 to assist student participation at a conference to present a talk, a poster or to organise a session/workshop.

Eligibility: Undergraduate or Postgraduate Student Members

Award criteria

Grants to assist applicants who are participating in a meeting or conference in some way, e.g. presenting a paper/poster.

CPF grants are available to Members and Fellows only, who must have been a Fellow or Member of good standing for one full calendar year prior to the date of any application.

Rules and regulations


Monetary grant.


Undergraduate or Postgraduate Student Members

Where participation in a conference or meeting will assist an individual in the study of Entomology and/or with the aims of the Society in dissemination of Entomological Science.

Adjudication – Determination of all aspects is by RES Membership Committee


Send your completed application as an email/attachment to the Membership Chair

Applications should be submitted at least three months prior to the Conference.

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