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Following the latest government announcement concerning the current Covid-19 pandemic the Society headquarters at Mansion House has now closed.

Where possible emails will be monitored, any urgent enquiries should be forwarded to

Membership applications will be put on hold until further notice.

Our "identify that insect" service will continue, but our Director of Science cannot accept any physical samples to inspect during this time.

Our Librarian will not have access to our collections from home, but will be happy to try and locate references available to download from the internet.

All events and meetings have been cancelled until further notice

We hope that everyone stays well and we hope that normal business can resume soon for everyone, thank you for your understanding during this difficult time that the world finds itself in.

Kirsty Whiteford - Registrar


At first sight the Paraneoptera might appear to consist of a rather disparate group of insect orders, namely the true bugs, lice, book lice and thrips, but the monophyly of this group is generally accepted on both morphological and molecular characters. The exact relationships between the constituent orders are not as clear, though the Psocoptera and Phthiraptera probably form a monophyletic pair, the superorder Psocodea. There is even some controversial evidence that the Psocoptera may not be monophyletic, and that the Phthiraptera evolved from a psocopteran subgroup. Whether the Thysanoptera are more closely related to these, or to the Hemiptera, is not certain, but some authors combine them with the Hemiptera in the superorder Condylognatha.

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