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Need an easy way of getting young people enthused about insects?

Together with our sister site, Insect Week, we’ve put together a downloadable pack to help parents and teachers engage young people in the study of insect science. Our collection of educational resources relating to insects and entomology are from the Royal Entomological Society, Insect Week partners and other reputable sources.

This page contains a brief summary of the materials listed on the Insect Week website, including an Insect Week poster and learning resource links for games and worksheets for you to print as many as required at your convenience.

For more great learning resources, have a look at Learning resources – Insect Week.

Insect Week’s resource pages are always under construction with the addition of more and more great insect educational content and activities so make sure to check back often.

Video and Audio Content:

What is an insect?
Why are they important?
What is an entomologist?
  • Live like a wasp and get the high score with the Wasp Love browser game.
  • Ever heard a Water Boatman “singing” underwater? Listen to Dave Chesmore’s insect sounds.
  • The Not-So-Creepy Crawlies – A marvellous musical about minibeasts that supports the KS1 science curriculum as well as reinforcing PHSE teaching about prejudice and diversity.
  • With Superpillars Assemble!, children will learn about moths, butterflies and their habitats, the important role moths and butterflies play in the food chain, and the negative impact humans can have on moth and butterfly habitats.


Click the buttons to download all of the below resources:

  • Download the RES Insect Poster, covering all the groups or taxonomic orders of insects in Britain.
  • Download the Insect Week 2023 advertising poster.
  • Have a look at our Intriguing insects miniguide which shows our most requested insect species to identify.
  • Download and print INSTAR magazine, the digital magazine for young entomologists. Find out more about insects and those people who study them.
  • Print off some of Jennifer Delaney’s colouring sheets, taken from the book ‘Life under the Lens’.
  • The Lost Words Minibeasts Activity Pack is designed to mirror the workshops which Oxford Poetry Library have run in the past around Oxford. The idea is to have a resource to help you recreate the workshops at home. We have a different pack for different areas of wildlife including birds, plants, and mini-beasts. Do all, or just those which take your fancy.
  • Meet Natasha, the travelling entomologist in the Ento-Club comic – She loves insects, and would like to share her wisdom with you.
  • Download some BugLife Resources, including Lesson plans, colouring sheets and activity guides for making a mini meadow, log pile and insect friendly garden.
  • Download Butterflies Under Pressure, a pack of engaging practical science activities for KS1/KS2 primary school children (aged 5-11), using dance and PE activities to engage kinaesthetic learners with the curriculum topic “Living things and their habitats”.

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