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Privet Hawkmoth caterpillar Credit Ayla Webb
Privet Hawkmoth caterpillar Credit Ayla Webb

31 January 2022

The Royal Entomological Society launched this version of its website in January 2022.

We encourage all members and fellows to log in to our new members area for the first time. It’s easier than ever for you to change your details, access content and apply discounts, wherever you are, on any device.

Our subscriptions are increasing on 1 March 2022 but you can save money and avoid the increase by setting up your Direct Debit or paying before 1 March. Please note that current Direct Debit instructions for UK members are no longer valid and require reconfirmation (instructions to pay below).

Three steps before 1st March
1) log in to your account on the website
2) add your preferred payment method
3) consider paperless communications and our monthly email newsletter

How to log in to your account for the first time

Create your member account on our new website:

  1. Please click here to visit the site.
  2. Enter the email address that you use for the RES click ‘Reset password’.
  3. You will receive an email with the subject ‘Password Reset Request for Royal Entomological Society’
  4. Follow the email instructions to ‘Click to reset your password’, enter and confirm a password (at least 12 characters long).

Log in to your account to pay and view your details:

  1. Visit the RES website and click on ‘My account‘ in the top, right corner.
  2. Login using your new password (follow the steps above).
  3. You are now looking at your account dashboard where you can pay subscriptions, change your details and select communication preferences.
  4. To pay at 2021 rates: Before 1st March click on ‘My Subscription(s)‘, and select ‘Add payment’ to set up a payment method. Then click ‘Renew now’, check your details and ‘Place order’. After 1st March, the method is the same but price increases will apply.
  5. Check and change your details: By clicking “My Profile
  6. Go paperless: We are committed to the environment and sustainability. Please help us to reduce our impact by choosing to go paperless in “My Profile“. You will receive communications and Antenna by email sooner than by post. Everything can now be accessed from your account.
  7. When you are logged in you can navigate the website content as normal but member-only content, including Antenna, will now be accessible. Member discounts will also apply in our shop.

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