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Students at Daneway Banks nature reserve
Students at Daneway Banks nature reserve

The Royal Entomological Society is recruiting volunteers to be Postgraduate Student Representatives.

The 1-2 year role involves helping to organise the annual Student Forum with RES staff, and providing updates to the Society’s Meetings Committee, acting as a voice for students within any consultations of the Society’s membership, providing ideas to the Society on how to improve the student member experience. Benefits from being a representative include experience of working in a team, organising an event and the opportunity to network with established entomologists. Representatives need to be student members of the Royal Entomological Society and can be based internationally, not just in the UK.

Manuela Carnaghi (NRI, University of Greenwich) and Max Tercel (University of Cardiff) are outgoing reps.

“It was a great experience to be a PG rep for the RES. I had great fun (although at times it was quite stressful!), met many interesting people, felt part of a vibrant community, and developed lots of important skills. I strongly recommend this role!” – Manuela Carnaghi (NRI, University of Greenwich)

Charlie Woodrow (University of Lincoln) will continue as rep and looks forward to working with incoming volunteers.

If you are interested in the position, please email Luke Tilley with details of:

  • why you would like to be a Postgraduate Student Representative
  • any ideas you can bring to the Society
  • your own studies and timescale as a student

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