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Ladybird being viewed in a magnifying lens.
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Kits for insect scientists and enthusiasts now on sale as part of collaboration of RES and NHBS.

Entomological kits developed by equipment specialists NHBS and RES are aimed at enthusiast field entomologists and those in training.  The kits are priced competitively with 10% of each purchase donated to the society.

“We are introducing our brand-new Bug Hunting kits, designed to spark curiosity and exploration in the natural world and uncover the wonders of insects.

NHBS is delighted to announce our exciting partnership with the Royal Entomological Society.

Our core purpose is to support those who work to understand, protect and conserve the natural environment and we are pleased that the Royal Entomological Society will receive 10% for the sale of each kit to help them on their mission to enrich the world with insect science.”


Royal Entomological Society Educational Bug Hunting Kit

The RES-Educational Bug Hunting kit includes a sweep net, a pooter for safely catching insects, several collecting pots, a x10 magnification double loupe 30 mm hand lens to examine insects up close, and a copy of A Naturalist’s Guide to the Insects of Britain and Northern Europe by Robert Read which covers the most common British insect species with accompanying photographs and information. 

The kit is £49.99 excluding VAT with a 10% donation to RES on every sale of £5.

RES-Educational Bug Hunting kit
RES-Advanced Bug Hunting kit

Royal Entomological Society Advanced Bug Hunting Kit

The RES-Advanced Bug Hunting kit includes the same equipment as the Educational kit, with the addition of super fine pointed forceps for examining insects, and the accompanying book Collins Complete Guide to British Insects by Michael Chinery, which covers over 1500 British insect species. 

The kit is £66.66 excluding VAT with a 10% donation to RES on every sale of £6.67.

An educational kit aimed at groups is also available now.

Royal Entomological Society Class Bug Hunting Kit (KS2 & KS3)

This class-sized entomology kit is perfect for school and Wildlife Trust groups. It contains 55 items.

This kit is ideal for Key Stage 2 / 3. Non-specialists will be able to identify living animals encountered in most terrestrial and semi-terrestrial habitats. Designed for use with living animals collected using standard sampling techniques. As identification of living animals is possible, specimens can be released back into the wild after identification.

The beating sheet can be laid out or held beneath trees or bushes to collect falling insects `beaten’ from foliage. The sweep net features a removable soft mesh net with a foam handle. The 3.5x magnifying pot has a grid on its base for estimating size.

The kit is £265 excluding VAT.

“We’re excited to launch a range of entomological kits with NHBS to support the work and curiosity of entomologists, enthusiasts and professionals alike. A huge thank you to the team at NHBS for developing this range with us, we cannot wait to share the new range of kits at our events and at Ento, our annual scientific conference.

As a charity and membership organisation, we aim to empower entomologists through partnerships such as this one to support insect science at every level.”

Dr Luke Tilley FRES, Director of Communications & Engagement, Royal Entomological Society

The Society looks forward to using the kits as part of educational activities at the RES Garden, due to open in early summer 2024 at Stratford Cross, East London.

The RES is delighted to have worked with NHBS to create the kits which help fulfil the society’s aims to develop high impact outreach, education and providing suitable resources as part of its mission to enrich the world with insect science.  NHBS offer the largest range of wildlife, ecology and conservation books and equipment in the world, and have a purpose to support those who work to understand, protect, and conserve the natural environment.

The Royal Entomological Society receives 10% from the sale of these kits to help continue our work to enrich the world with insect science.

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