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We’re so excited to be supporting the Into The Wild podcast with funding from the RES Goodman Fund.

For the next 12 months, Into The Wild will be partnering up with the Royal Entomological Society. Focusing on insect science, the Society supports global research, collaboration and publication of the work and knowledge in entomology.

In their first episode of 2024, author & naturalist Charlie Bingham & wildlife photographer Ben Porter share their worst weather, ‘Creepy Thing That Creepith’ & their Habitat Hates.

“How many bugs have seen the wrong side of a newspaper?”

Nadia Shaikh – ‘Nature Room 101’, Into The Wild podcast

I absolutely love green tiger beetles, they’re one of the prettiest, amazing, monstrous predators.

Ben Porter – ‘Nature Room 101’, Into The Wild podcast

Listen to the first episode below:

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