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Scholarships 2024

We’re proud to welcome new RES entomology scholars at Harper Adams University.

Join us in congratulating Sharna Broadhurst, Ella Curry and Bethany Wright on their RES MSc scholarships.

RES CEO Simon Ward with students Sharna Broadhurst, Ella Curry and Bethany Wright at the Harper Adams University awards ceremony, holding certificates of congratulations on their RES MSc scholarships.

The Royal Entomological Society is committed to supporting the next generation of entomologists. We aim to provide opportunities, funding and recognition for insect scientists at every stage of their education and careers.

Simon Ward Mem.RES CEO Royal Entomological Society

The Royal Entomological Society is committed to investing in postgraduate study in insect science. We currently support three postgraduate bursaries at Harper Adams University.

The course provided by Harper Adams has a particular focus on conservation and agriculture. There is a shortage of expertise in these important fields, which is a key element in the effort to ensure global food security and the understanding of biodiversity. 

A distinctive and integral feature of this MSc is the high degree of input from entomologists and ecologists in collaborating with governmental and non-governmental organisations.

The course aims to provide students with specialised training in entomology, conservation and integrated pest management. Specifically, the course will:

  • Prepare students for a career in entomology and conservation
  • Offer vocational training in the area of applied entomology and insect conservation
  • Prepare students for PhD and further studies

The MSc covers a broad range of topics in entomology and conservation and all students receive training in fundamental skills which will enable them to enter an entomological work environment or a research career in ecological entomology or insect conservation. There is, however, considerable flexibility, enabling each student to focus on specialist subjects consistent with their interests and future career intentions.

RES Higher Education bursaries have been relaunched for 2024/2025 academic year and are now open for applications by 1 July 2024.

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