In 2023, the RES had an insect science garden that was designed by Tom Massey and showcased on Main Avenue of the Chelsea Flower Show.  In the next stage of the exciting plans for the garden, it is being relocated to Stratford Cross, close to the Aquatic centre in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London.

The Society is seeking to work exclusively with education partner to operate in the RES Garden at Stratford Cross, East London, providing sessions for schools around entomology and related subjects.  Ideally our education partner would develop ways in which it can support the local community and the partner would be an integral partner to RES working with local residents, businesses, enterprises and public bodies.

If you would like an informal chat before the deadline please contact Luke Tilley or Simon Ward

Please read the information file, prepare a proposal addressing the questions on slides 8 and 9, and send to Luke Tilley by 31 May 2024.



Stratford Cross, East London, England, UK