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RES Student Award

Award Criteria Any article about an entomological topic that would be of interest to the general public. The article should be easy to read, in a popular style and no longer than 800 words.

Winner £400, runner up £300, third place £200, all three articles published in 'Antenna'.

Eligibility Undergraduates and postgraduates on both full and part-time study.
Cycle Annual, entries accepted until 31st December, winner/s announced early in the following year.
Adjudication Three Fellows of the Society.
Entry Entry forms downloadable  or available from the Society. All entries to the Registrar. Electronic attachment preferred, with Student I.D (either copy of student ID card or letter from institution). to

2019 Winners

1st Prize - Christina Conroy, University of Greenwich. "The ANTicipation for a trip which BLOWed"

2nd Prize - Amy Carter, Harper Adams University "The Long-Lost Tale of the Mother Earwig"

3rd Prize - Rebecca Sim Shu Yu, Royal Veterinary College "Mozzy's Christmas Wishes"

Three runners up were awarded;

Charlie Rose, Harper Adams University "Its All Songs in Love and War"

Bea Kerry, Harper Adams University "Lepidora's Story"

Rachel Turner, Harper Adams University "Curriculam vitae - Worker Honey Bee"

2018 Winners

1st Prize - Tara Sedgwick, Harper Adams University "Plenty of Insects"

2nd Prize - Abigail Enston, Harper Adams University "Zombie Antpocalypse"

3rd Prize - Faith Akinyi Obange, University of Nairobi "An unlikely ally: The greater waxmoth to the rescue…again?"

Two runners up were awarded;

William Rennison, Harper Adams University "It's the thought that counts: valentine's day in the arthropod world"

Ben Howarth, Harper Adams University "An insects guide to parenting"

2017 Winners

1st - James Fage, Harper Adams University. "Toxic teamwork and the Müllerian mimicry mystery"
2nd - Maggie Gill, Harper Adams University. "A sad day at the office"
3rd - Rhiannon Dowling, Imperial College  London. "1 Star Bee & Bee Review"

Runners up:
Susan Hammond, Harper Adams University "Get off my Brassicas!
(One gardener’s battle for Broccoli)"
Sam Finnie, Harper Adams University " Britain’s only scorpion species could be making plans to increase its range across the UK!"






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