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Insect Ecology


Last Meeting: 19th October 2020 with Data and Computing SIGs
Insects are the lynchpin of much of the natural world. They are incredibly diverse (over a half of all known species are insects), and fill a huge array of ecological niches, being herbivores, carnivores and detritivores. It is this diversity that makes the study of insect ecology so critical, and the Royal Entomological Society's Ecology Special Interest Group reflects this significance. Each year the meeting has a different theme, covering all topics from applied to evolutionary ecology. The primary objective of the meeting is to foster ecological science by bringing entomologists from the UK and further afield together, encouraging collaboration and the reporting of current research.
Next meeting in 2021, details TBC.  Read the 2020 meeting abstracts.

Convenor: Ashley Lyons, Edge Hill University


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