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Fellows and members can vote until 6th August.

Voting now closed

Vote for two new trustees to join RES Council from September 2022. Each trustee will serve a four-year term and help to build an exciting future for the Society, and achieve its vision to enrich the world with insect science. You can learn about our current trustees here.

We have eight candidates to choose from, all ready and willing to actively contribute to the governance and strategic direction of the Society in a key leadership role.

Two trustees will be appointed at the AGM on 14th September, following online voting by the members and fellows of the Royal Entomological Society.

How to cast your vote:

Please note: You must be a current member of the Royal Entomological Society for your vote to be valid. If you have not yet renewed your membership for 2022/23, please log in to your account or email the RES Team for assistance:
  • You will need your membership number in order to vote . You can find your membership number on correspondence, in your account under ‘My Profile’ or by emailing the RES team: If you do not enter this on your voting form, your vote will not be counted. This will be used to validate your ballot before votes are counted anonymously.
  • Click the ‘Vote now’ button next to any of the candidate photographs below to go to the bottom of the page where the final ‘Vote now’ button will take you to a form where you can cast your vote for two of the candidates.
  • The voting form is created in MS Forms, therefore you may be required to sign into a Microsoft account. If you do not have a Microsoft account, you can create one for free here.
  • If you are unable to vote via the voting form below, please use this form instead: Trustee Voting Form

You can use either form to cast your vote and the ballots will be anonymously combined before the count.

Please only submit your vote once.

Trustee Candidates 2022

Voting remains open until 6th August 2022

Voting now closed

Andrew Boardman

Hello Everyone!

My name is Andrew Boardman and I’m a student at the University of Hertfordshire. I’m currently reading molecular biology. My interest in entomology is always growing and I’m keen to be more involved with the Society. For previous experience, I’ve been a student representative for my cohort at the University. As well as having worked in entomology for a variety of companies such as Entocycle in London and Rothamsted Research in Harpenden. I’m also pleased to help as an associate editor for our Antenna bulletin.

As a trustee, I will encourage and support entomology and biology. I aim to be an advocate for student members in the Society and an advocate for those passionate about the amazing bugs our world has to offer (which I assume is most of us).

Hopefully, I can have your support and I look forward to seeing everyone at Ento22.

Declared interest statement: none declared

Benjamin Chanda

I am a Zambian, a member of Royal Entomological Society and hold a MSc in Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture from Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology, Kenya whose theme was centred on insects for food and feed. I also hold the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Biology with a major in Entomology from the Copperbelt University, Zambia.

I am an ambitious entomologist, with 5 years research experience. Passionate about applied insect science in solving public health challenges relating to insect vectors and food insecurity, an excellent team player with experience in NGO and public health bodies. Interdisciplinary scientist confident in managing entomological surveillance and monitoring, vast entomological field experience, conducting laboratory and insectary experiments, statistical data analysis, presenting, writing scientific and non-scientific reports.

I believe I am fit for this position as a trustee because:

  • I listen to, weigh up and summarise a number of different views during a the meeting.
  • I am willing to learn new skills and embrace new perspectives.
  • I will consider different options and choose the best one for the charity.
  • I am confident with numbers with an understanding of percentages and variances, for the charity’s financial situation.
  • I am willing to challenge staff and other trustees constructively, and to receive that challenge in return for the betterment of the Society.
  • I have strong willingness, patience and attention to detail when doing the non-scientific work: the compliance, the governance, reviewing policies, and performance reviews of senior staff.
Declared interest statement: none declared

Andy Chick

I have been a trustee of the Amateur Entomologists Society for 5 years, I feel this in combination with my publication record as well my decade of experience in various UK higher education institutions gives me a wide range of experience and insight to the current state of entomology.

Declared interest statement: none declared

Lynn Dicks

I am an Ecology Lecturer at the University of Cambridge, and an insect ecologist by training. I run an Agroecology research group in the Department of Zoology, and oversee a range of projects on the ecology and conservation of insects, including studies on crop pollination, patterns of insect decline, and farm management to benefit wild insect populations. I have worked at the interface between science, practice and policy for 20 years, including a stint as a professional science writer and broadcaster. My favourite insect group is the solitary bees, but I have also worked on, or supervised student projects on beetles, flies, butterflies, moths and dragonflies/damselflies.

I have been a member of the RES since 1999, and I have always hugely appreciated its efforts to provide resources and support to the entomological community. Over the last year I have led the RES Grand Challenges exercise on behalf of the RES Council; I was truly inspired by the knowledge, energy and level of engagement from RES members.

I am very keen to use my strengths in bridging the gap between science and policy, and in hands-on teaching of entomological field survey techniques and identification, to support the RES vision of enriching the world with insect science.

My priorities for future RES activities are:

1) making the study and active conservation of insects accessible to all, through excellent engagement and training, and

2) working to ensure that entomological research has an impact on policies that impact insect populations positively or negatively, including Government policy and business or commercial activities.

Declared interest statement: none declared

Michael Engel

It would be an honour to serve the RES in the capacity of a Trustee appointment. The RES is a venerable organization with a storied history and innumerable accomplishments in advancing entomology. I would like to help the RES continue its excellence in education, support for entomological research, and dissemination of scholarly endeavours through its many publications.

In particular, I would like to see the RES further expand its international diversity of educational and research influences, such as building on its past and current efforts in Africa, Asia, and South America, particularly as these regions house our greatest concentrations of insect biodiversity. The resident entomological excellence in each region can be further engaged in RES publications and programs.

I have experience working with STEAM education organizations, particularly as a founding member of the Board of Directors for the Museum at Prairiefire – a non-profit dedicated to science, culture, art, and natural history learning and engagement through both its award-winning museum facility and its free programs for students, teachers, and schools of all backgrounds.

As an organization of great international influence, the RES can always further capitalize on innovative ways in which to enhance entomological education, research, and engagement.

Declared interest statement: none declared

Rebecca Farley-Brown

I’ve been a fellow of the Royal Entomological Society for 15 years and have served previous Trustee terms as well as being involved with the Finance Committee, Publications Committee and Handbook Group. I feel the Society has so much to offer and with the new strategy we have an opportunity to engage with new audiences as well as support our members and be at the forefront of insect science.

A key part of my work is developing identification guides, from that first step peering in the garden looking at butterflies and bees on flowerheads, through to guides for enthusiasts, fieldworkers and scientists. I’ve had the pleasure to work with the RES on their Handbook Series since it was relaunched in 2005. It has been interesting to see how the style of guides has changed in recent years, with both the Fungus Gnats and Blow flies Handbooks making extensive use of colour photography to show diagnostic features. I’m lucky to have a job which can make a difference, successful identification is fundamental to survey work and biological recording – if we can’t name it, we can’t protect it.

I can bring to the role of Trustee over 20 years of experience in the charity sector, as well as a background in academic research. I run the Field Studies Council Publications department, a multi-faceted role which means I can bring business and financial experience, H&S knowledge and a passion for insect identification. I would work to support the Society’s aims, maintain its financial viability and make the Society as open and inclusive as possible.

Declared interest statement:
Interest declared in case of conflict: Rebecca Farley-Brown is Head of Publications at the Field Studies Council and works in partnership with the RES to publish Handbooks for the Identification of British Insects

Julie North

I am privileged to have contributed, as Trustee and Vice President, to what has been a challenging, rewarding and exciting period of change for the Society. I believe that I played a pivotal role as Chair of the Governance Review Working Group, which resulted in new guidelines for the operation of the Society; I therefore have a comprehensive understanding of the agreed way forward. I fully embraced the process with an open mind; I am willing to learn new skills and new ways of working with and for the Society to achieve our objectives. I act firmly but fairly when faced with differing opinions and have the courage to speak out when something feels contrary to the best interests of the Society. Continuity of the Society’s governance, during these crucial, early days of transformation, is essential, which I can provide if I am re-elected.

I am currently a self-employed consultant ecotoxicologist in pesticide regulation. I have excellent interpersonal skills, am a good listener, can demonstrate close attention to detail and am confident around numbers (equally essential for risk assessment and scientific data evaluation in my line of work, and for managing the Society’s resources).

Thanks to the ongoing work by an excellent staff, committed trustees and an engaged membership, so many good things are happening across all areas of the Society. I would love the opportunity to continue contributing to the exciting development of the RES, acting as one of its many ambassadors, during this unprecedented time in its history.

Declared interest statement: none declared

Billie Pike

I have been a member of RES since 2020 when I joined to get back in touch with my entomological roots. I studied biological science at university where I first became interested in insects for food and feed. I then started a career in pest control, specialising in training delivery and urban entomology.

After joining an early careers entomologist event run by RES I was inspired to follow my dreams and start a career in the insects for food and feed sector. I am now a scientist at Better Origin.

I would make an excellent trustee as I already inspire young people into engaging through insects through my STEM ambassador work and I want to give back to the society that has already given me so much. I would like to help update the society and bring my industrial experience into the academic world.

Declared interest statement: none declared

Voting now closed

Deadline for voting: 6th August

You can use either of the below forms to cast your vote and the ballots will be anonymously combined before the count.

Please only submit your vote once.

Successful candidates start their roles as trustees where Council (the board of trustees) will announce the voting results at the next AGM on 14th September 2022. Please contact at if you have any questions.  

Data provided as part of the voting process will be treated in accordance with the Society’s Privacy Policy.

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