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Planthopper nymph with the 'fibre optic' tail Credit Weixiang Lee
Planthopper nymph with the ‘fibre optic’ tail Credit Weixiang Lee
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RES Membership benefits

Our work involves representation for both conservation and control of insects.

We work with many different organisations and with many research projects that focus on biodiversity and climate crises, reversing insect declines, controlling pests in agriculture, control of medical human diseases and biorational systems in industry to name but a few.

There’s so much to see and do as a Member or Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society, and we are very grateful to have you as part of our network of like-minded professionals and enthusiasts who are all so passionate about the study of insects.

Discover how you can get involved and make the most of your Membership by exploring the following pages of our website.

How do I take control of my Membership?

Need some help accessing features of your Membership or Fellowship?

There are lots of ways you can get involved in the Society through your Membership. Find out how to register for events, read more about our Special Interest Groups and how to access our quarterly bulletin available for Members and Fellows to read online. You can also opt in to receive free physical copies of Antenna magazine right to your door.

We also have a regular newsletter containing items dedicated to the inner workings of the Society and beneficial news items for our Members and Fellows. Click the link below to find out how to subscribe.

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What else is there to explore?

Society news and updates

Enjoy some of our recent news and updates.

Here we post regular items related to extraordinary publications and Special Issues, endangered insect sightings and updates, important announcements on awards and grants, conservation stories and general Society news.

Careers in entomology

Are you new to entomology or interested in branching out into different fields within entomology?

Have a look at our careers page and read about roles you may not have considered before, along with our listing pages on current courses, jobs and PhD vacancies.

Conservation science

The Society plays a major role in promoting the science, policy and practice of insect conservation.

Read more about our work in insect conservation and control.


We have published handbooks for the identification of British insects since 1949. These are available to purchase from our shop with a 30% discount to Members and Fellows.

Out-of-print handbooks are free to download as pdf.

Outreach projects

Outreach activities at the Society aim to increase public understanding of entomology. This includes attending schools, and sharing insect research through workshops, resources and more with a wide audience whilst encouraging curiosity and debate.

Insect ID service

Our insect identification service is provided free of charge to the public as part of the Royal Entomological Society’s commitment to public benefit.

Commercial enquirers are encouraged to make a donation to the society towards this identification service.

Classification of insects

The classification of insects can be complex but it is very important to group and identify insects so that they can be studied reliably. Insects, like all animals, are classified using a hierarchical system of classification.

Other pages of interest

The RES Garden

We’re honoured to have been given the opportunity to create the first ever Royal Entomological Society Garden for the most famous garden event in the world, RHS Chelsea Flower Show in May 2023. 

Here we share updates from our garden team, top tips for making your own garden a haven for insect life and invite you to get involved at home with some brilliant, exclusive insect-inspired content.  

Small Stories

Follow along with this exclusive series of small stories in partnership with Gardens Illustrated, featuring a profile of a different insect each month, encouraging study and exploration, insects up-close, and for you to think of your garden as a habitat and a ‘living laboratory’ to learn about insects. Release your inner child!

RES Strategy

The Royal Entomological Society introduces its strategy for 2022-25, which focuses on our new vision to ‘enrich the world with insect science’.

Read our current Strategy & Policies.

Book reviews

Read reviews of entomologically-related books from people who have already done the reading for you and see if you’d enjoy them before purchasing them for yourself or others.

History of the Society

Many eminent scientists, Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace to mention but two, have been Fellows of the Society. To this day, the Royal Entomological Society has an international Fellowship recognised for their vast scientific contribution.

Ento Conference

Ento – our annual flagship event – takes place in a different UK venue every year, bringing together scientists and enthusiasts from around the world to showcase some fantastic research going into the study of insects, and we hold our AGM in the heart of the conference.

Insect-inspired gifts

We have a range of organic clothing and other merchandise featuring beautiful artwork from our library collections.

Support insect science by treating yourself and insect-friendly loved ones to something special today 🦋

Support our work

Much like the diversity of insects, there are many ways to support us and our work. Whether you’ve joined as a Member or Fellow, have donated to the Society before or are leaving a gift in your will, your contribution makes a huge impact and enables us to continue to enrich the world with insect science.

Read more about how you can get involved and help support the Royal Entomological Society.

Follow along on our social media for more information about our work and updates on what we’re doing at the Royal Entomological Society.

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