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The Society's Ento Outreach SIG aims to improve the outreach across the entomology sector

The aim of RES outreach is to promote and increase public understanding of entomology. The Society continues to increase the number and range of activities organised for public benefit. These activities help to improve the “diffusion of entomological science” and contribute to science education as a whole.

You'll find below some of the major public activities organised and funded by the Society. If you would like more information about any of the Society's outreach initiatives please contact Francisca Sconce, Outreach & Engagement Executive

Insect Week


Insect Week (formerly National Insect Week) is a public campaign that will return in 2021.

A nationwide initiative of hundreds of events and activities celebrating 'the little things that run the world'.

Insect Festival

Insect Festival 2019

Insect Festival is a biennial event held in York and Bristol.

Visit our Event Pages for more information about the Festivals in 2019


Entocast is funded by a RES Outreach Fund.

Exhibitions, fairs and festivals

The Society provides entertaining and expert speakers for schools, societies and associations and we are currently creating a full package of educational resources to be launched in 2019.

The Society attends exhibitions, fairs and festivals throughout the year to show people the importance of entomology.

Read an article about the RES at Big Bang Fair - the largest STEM event in Europe: Big Bang.pdf

Are you an entomologist and would like to help young people discover careers in entomology? Please fill out a PROFILE

The Verrall Lecture

The Society organises an annual public lecture on entomology every March, find out more.

British Insect colouring books

Butterfly colouring book

We recently started a range of British Insect colouring books with KlickKlack, download sample colouring sheets on butterflies and moths, and purchase the full books in our shop

Garden Entomology Booklet

The Royal Entomological Society’s Introduction to Insect Science.

You can also order a free paper copy of this booklet in our shop (post and packing costs apply).

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